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"Hutzot Hayotzer" Jerusalem Artists Colony

Hutzot Hayotzer Jerusalem Art , the Jerusalem artists' colony, is the natural expression for original creations influenced by the city of Jerusalem, a city with an ancient historical past and with a special mysterious beauty. The valley of Hutzot Hayotzer was used in Biblical times for religious worship and rituals, and was then called "Gehenna." Since then it has suffered all the occupations of the country during all periods till the War of Independence in 1948, when it was defined as a demilitarized zone separating the Old City from the new city. After Jerusalem was unified in 1967, the Old City inspired growth and a blossoming of artistic activity. In 1969, it was decided to build an artists' colony in the valley at the foot of the Old City and David's Tower. The old Islamic stables in the area were renovated and turned into 26 studios and art galleries for Israeli artists. The area was named "Hutzot Hayotzer," that is "Artists Lane," suggesting to the visitor a place to meet the artists face to face. The artists were selected by a professional committee and include internationally-known artists who have won worldwide awards, as well as awards from the Israeli Museum of Judaica.

The visitor can see: Jewelry – original, artistic of a high quality made from silver, gold, Roman glass Jewelry , and precious stones. Jewish ceremonial art – original pieces of Modern Judaica in traditional and modern designs made from silver and other materials such as cloth, embroidery, calligraphy, paper cuts, and so on. Sculpture - done in stone, wood or silver with Roman glass. Jerusalem Painting and Print – expressing the personal significance of the city and the country to the artist in both a traditional and modern way. Ceramic and leather products. Hutzot Hayotzer is situated in the garden surrounding the Old City, near other interesting sites that enable the art lover and visitor a very interesting tour.

Israel Art Hutzot Hayotzer is open all year: Sunday to Thursday: 10 AM – 5 PM Friday and holidays: 10 AM – 2 PM.

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