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Roman Glass Jewelry


MediaRamot Uri

Ancient Roman Glass Jewelry

Uri Ramot is a jeweler and sculpture, graduate of "Bezalel" Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, won several awards, took part in art exhibitions, is famous for his original designs using archeological fragments. His Roman Glass jewelry and small sculptures are made of sterling silver incorporating ancient glass dating from the Roman to Islamic periods (1st to 12th century A.D), with spectrum of colors called "patina" caused by the minerals in the soil surrounding the glass.
The result is one of a kind items with a special artistic harmony presents an encounter between antique and modern design.

The themes are:
abstract sculptures, music instruments, Judaica, animals, ships, vehicals, Roma Glass jewelry etc.
For example: a neck of Roman bottle becomes a trumpet, glass fragments become boat sails etc. His clients are from all over the world, musicians, famous known people, art collectors and also art connoisseurs.

Contact Details: Israel Art
Hutsot Hayotser 14,Studio 24 Jerusalem 94117 Israel Studio tel/fax: 972-2- 6272159 Home: 972-2- 5344931

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